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Headshot JanJan started his IT career in a medical facility of the Royal Dutch Army in 1992 as an administrator on a Datapoint Mainframe, coding in RMS. In 1994 the medical facility switched to using Oracle 7.1 on a Micro VAX 3100, which kicked of his career in Oracle.

In 1998 Jan joined VIR e-Care Solutions, where he supported the development of Ecaris. Ecaris is a support system for healthcare administration within multi-disciplinary working organizations.
Over the years Ecaris evolved from a host-based system, through a Forms & Reports application in a client-server architecture to a fully web-based solution. The architecture for the web-based solutions is of a Pre-APEX form, based on mod-pl/sql.

In recent years Jan came in contact with Dbvisit of New Zealand. In 2011 he started working as a Business Development Manager for Dbvisit, successfully creating brand-awareness and recognition for the company. Jan founded #RepAttack as a new form to introduce commercial products to a technical community, an idea which was quickly adopted by other vendors.
Starting March 2017 Jan is acting as Senior Sales Engineer for EnterpriseDB, one of the major companies behind PostgreSQL. In this role Jan supports the DACH-region in spreading the news of this Open Source Software (OSS) Enterprise ready database. Traveling from the North of Germany to the South of Austria, he helps both customers and partners adopting this technology stack.

Also Jan made his appearance as a regular speaker at Oracle User Groups around the world, with a debut at UKOUG_Tech13. Since that time, the Oracle community virus has taken a hold with Jan, resulting in various initiatives within this community.  In 2015 Jan was awarded the Oracle ACE recognition for these community initiatives.

In his scarce free time Jan enjoys traveling the country-side with his charming wife, preferably in a good size RV or ride his bright red Honda VF700C Super Magna into the sunset.

For contact details, please visit the contact-page. Further details on skills and abilities will be added shortly.
For things Jan can do for you or for your company, please visit “The things I do“!

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