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My wordpress site just disappeared

I was just thinking about re-checking something I wrote. That happens.

So I went to my blog-site… Just to find out it was gone…


Yes, gone!

I got the message that this domain was reserved by my provider, TransIP. And that was not exactly what I was looking for.

The mystery was quickly resolved.
By checking out the ControlPanel at my TransIP account, I found I had received a message:

Dear customer,

Because of complaints of high load on our web hosting platform we have regrettably been forced to (temporary) block your website jk-consult.nl. We have done this to ensure the stability of our servers.


This high load is caused by the (automatic) posting of a high number of comments on your WordPress-website. It is highly probably that this concerns unapproved comments.

In many cases this is a form of automated spam. This leads to a high load on our web hosting servers, which leads to performace problems for you and other clients on this same server.


And this was followed by some comments to quiet down this spamming.

I have now installed these two plugin’s from WordPress:


And I just checked. In stead of 8000+  there were now just 2!

Another problem solved.

Thank you Arjan van den Berg (I see these are not the first kudos you’ve received)